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Larry Davis has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen in the art of custom knife making. Since studying under the tutelage of  ABS Mastersmith, Ed Fowler, Davis has been honing his technique to find the perfect combination of steel and heat. From his workshop in Indiana, Davis crafts remarkable knives with an incredible attention to detail and a passion for quality. Every collectible knife he produces is a unique work of art as well as a robust tool taking more than 20-30 hours to produce.


How To Purchase

Davis Forged Knives are individually handcrafted and his artistry extends to handmade custom sheaths. If you are interested in purchasing a one-of-a-kind handcrafted knife, contact us or see what is AVAILABLE NOW!

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Gentleman's Knife

Destined to be the sharpest part of your outfit


There is something special about carrying or displaying a knife that was custom built for the owner. Latvala Gentlemen's carry knife can be worn for general use or as a hunting tool. This knife passes the form, fit, function test, and will be the envy of many men. The brass habaki forward of the finger guard adds an element of interest and style. The forged and tempered blade, as well as the handle components, were uniquely fitted, assembled, and shaped to fit a man’s hand. After refining the shape the knife was buffed to a high polish. This handle is Amboyna burl accented with leather and brass. The finger guard is brass, blade ball bearing steel.


Overall: 10”   –  Blade: 5”   –  Handle: 5”


Pays homage to the Japanese sword makers


The best-known part of the manufacturing process of ancient Japanese sword makers is evident in the first habaki modification incorporated into a Davis Forged Knife. McGill Knife will surely make a statement in hunting camp. The habaki technique provides additional bearing surface to support the finger guard and adds greater interest to the aesthetic elements of the knife. The blade handle is deer antler with brass finger guard accented with brass and leather. All related parts are meticulously fitted and shaped to provide maximum comfort in the hand, and then buffed to a high polish often mistaken for a chrome finish.  


Overall: 12”  –  Blade: 6 1/2 ”  –  Handle: 5 1/2”

McGill Knife.png
Gabriel .png

King Gabriel

Limited Edition 

A Mardi Gras Ball in South Louisiana is truly a feast for the eyes. As a VIP guest of 2014's new royalty to the Carnival, King Gabriel LXXV – Davis felt it was only fitting to create this custom knife as a unique gift of thanks. Sporting a 5-1/4" drop-point, King Gabriel Knife offers inherent toughness and edge-holding characteristics. The brass finger guard is silver soldered to the blade, and its handle is predominately Amboyna burl wood, with leather and brass accents. In honor of the king’s French heritage, a sterling silver fleur-de-lis was inset in the handle. This knife is displayed with a unique hand forged steel cradle secured in redwood.

Overall: 10 1/2”  –  Blade: 5 1/4”  –  Handle: 5 1/4”

Double Rocker

Double Rocker is a rugged, reliable, heavy-duty workhorse designed to fit your hand. The knife was originally designed for a 2013 Christmas gift from a wife to her husband. Double Rocker features a  5-1/4" drop-point blade with a contoured handle. The brass finger guard is silver soldered to the blade. Its handle is Indiana deer antler with ebony and Amboyna burl wood with brass accents.

The custom sheath is handmade tooling-grade leather trimmed with ostrich skin.


Overall: 10 3/4”  –  Blade: 5 1/2”  –  Handle: 5 1/4”


Flat Creek

The Flat Creek Knife is a distinctive one-of-a-kind heirloom-quality testament to the art of knife making that took more than two months to produce. This collectible knife is handmade and is often featured as a sales award or is proudly donated to be auctioned at fundraisers. It has recently earned $6,400 for a Dallas charity. The brass finger guard is silver soldered to the blade. Its handle is predominately Amboyna burl wood with leather and brass accents.


The custom sheath is tooling-grade leather trimmed with snakeskin inlay.


Overall: 9 3/4”  –  Blade: 4 1/2”  –  Handle: 5 1/4”

Elk Camp

Elk Camp Knife is a limited-edition fixed-blade collectible knife made for a bow hunting Elk guide in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana.. The handle is elk horn from the National Rocky Mountain Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole. Handle accents are leather, brass, and turquoise composition.


The hand-stitched custom sheath is tooling-grade leather trimmed with ostrich skin.


Overall: 11 3/4”  –  Blade: 6 1/2”  –  Handle: 5 1/4”



One of the best-looking collectors knives Davis Forged Knives has made. The knife is the most beautiful of limited-edition knives ever offered. The workmanship is stunning and the knife is completely handmade. This limited-edition fixed-blade knife features a unique handle created with a brass finger guard and Jackson Hole National Elk Refuge elk shed antler, with brass and ebony wood detail.


Overall Length: 11 1/4”  –  Blade Length: 5 1/4”



There are many ways to be repaid. Given the hours and equipment required to forge high-quality blades, money is nice. But, a person with a deep appreciation for the knife they receive...that reward is on a whole different plane. Mover Knife features a solid brass finger guard brazed in place, Amboyna Burl with brass and leather accents.


Overall Length: 9 3/4”  –  Blade Length: 4 1/2”



Born of fire and steel a common hunting knife, the Bowie Knife generates more mystery and controversy than possibly any other weapon in history. In the early 19th Century,  the first incarnation was created by James Black, the Bowie Knife has come to incorporate several recognizable features including a brass finger guard, leather, brass and Amboyna Burl wood.


Overall Length: 11 1/2”  –  Blade Length: 6”

Deer Camp

Limited Edition 


Hunting out west in the backcountry you'd better have your ten essentials, everything you need to handle a big game carcass, and a survival knife. When you are miles away from the road, there is no chance of finding anyone to loan you a knife! Deer Camp Knife features a brass finger guard, manmade spacer, brass and deer antler with recessed buffalo nickel.


Overall Length: 9”  –  Blade Length: 4”


Chef Utility

DK-23-Product-Image-1024x682 (1).jpg

Limited Edition 


Modern chef's knives vary widely, perhaps more than any other type of knife known. Since there are many different processes that the chef's knife must complete, there is a great variety of blade styles and shapes, grinds and finishes, handles and forms. Chef's knives may perform delicate tasks requiring thin, hard blades, other chef's knives may need an improved and refined grip to apply great force with extended blade toughness. Each should exhibit the personality of the owner who appreciates finely crafted works of art as well as tools.


Knife features brass finger guard and butt plate, leather, and Amboyna Burl


Overall Length: 9”  –  Blade Length: 4”

Marine First Lieutenant

This handle is predominantly Wyoming elk segmented with brass and leather, and features the Marine insignia on the pommel. The owner of this drop point Bowie style knife is a Marine First Lieutenant (Retired).  Finger guard is brass as is the 14ga habaki wrap detail forward of the finger guard.


Overall Length: 9 1/2”  –  Blade Length: 7”  –  Weight: 12.7 oz.

Sarasota 2.JPG


Designed as a stylish “hog” hunting knife, this 7” sleek blade features a chisel point to provide maximum strength at the tip with the ability to penetrate deeply. Forward of the brass finger guard is a 14ga habaki. The handle is a combination of leather, brass, and Wyoming elk antler. The natural antler crown adds to the rugged elegance of the knife.

Overall Length: 12 1/2”  –  Blade Length: 7”  –  Weight: 1lb. 9 oz.

Squirrel Meadows

One of two knives ordered by a dad for his two sons. This knife is a drop point style with handle fashioned from brass, leather, Rosewood, and Ironwood. Forward of the finger guard is a 14 ga brass wrap influenced by a similar feature on Samurai swords known as a habaki.

Overall Length: 9 1/2”  –  Blade Length: 5”  –  Weight: 1lb. 9.5 oz.

Squirrel meadows 2.JPG
South Boone.JPG

South Boone

A drop point hunting knife with 4.75” blade secured in a brass and leather segmented handle finished off with a few inches of Indiana deer. The finger guard is brass, and forward of the finger guard the blade is wrapped with 14ga brass habaki adding an extra element of interest. A close look at the underside of the finger guard reveals an additional detail.

Overall Length: 10”  –  Blade Length: 4,75”  –  Weight: 10.4 oz.

Gibson Meadows

Commissioned by a father as a gift to his son, this piece follows the pattern of a gentleman’s blade, making a statement with its simple lines. The blade is forged from ball bearing steel, and wrapped with a 14ga habaki forward of the brass finger guard. The handle is a combination of detailed leather and brass, accentuating the dominant handle material, Amboyna Burl.

Overall Length: 10 1/2”  –  Blade Length: 6”  –  Weight: 9.4oz.