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Commissioned Knife Trepidation. The Beast

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Daman Products Co., Inc. wanted to present their top distributor salesperson with a unique and fitting gift. They commissioned me to built a custom knife which was a great choice since this particular distributor is located in the heart of Texas where hunting and fishing are a way of life.

Building unique knives is a kick in its own right, but when the opportunity comes along to build a knife with unique qualities based on the recipient’s input, that is special! In order to make the gift as special as possible, I asked permission to contact “Glenn” as this conversation would let the “cat out of the bag”.

After a discussion of the methods and quality of the knives, I offered to send Glenn photos of a number of blades in their raw forged state so he could guide me toward the one with the most appeal to him. All of the blades were different in design, although two were traditional in shape; the third was larger and less traditional.

Glenn chose the less traditional blade, and we discussed leaving some of the forge marks on the blade, marks that are typically ground away. We agreed this would make the blade even more unique. Little did Glenn know that this configuration of the knife was outside my natural flow giving rise to a moment of trepidation. The blade is large and needed a commensurate-sized handle. I have a number of antlers from the Rocky Mountain Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, and after holding the antlers and checking hand fit, I found the perfect section. From that point on the vision was clear.

I had the honor of being at this presentation. In total, 13 manufacturers made sales award presentations in a room of 150 people. Glenn’s knife stood out among the acrylic plaques. I was also proud to know that the recipient initially declined the award as I learned he generally does to give less-experienced salespeople a shot. I’m proud that he decided to accept this one.







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