What Others Are Saying

"For nearly 20 years, I’ve known Larry Davis and his incredible passion for constructing beautiful things also built to be used and built to last. To take an Antebellum brick farmhouse and transform it into a modern estate while maintaining the look and feel of a seasoned gentleman sitting comfortably among the tall trees that surround this home was the work of someone with vision and skill. 


It was not only inspired by him but also built largely by his own hands. His talents and interests range from very high-tech machine metal work (his day job as CEO of Daman Products) to aircraft, beekeeping, gunsmithing, and carpentry, to concrete to leatherworking and blacksmith (hammer and anvil) metalworking.  And in the realm of metalworking, his most ardent obsession has come from his quest to perfect the strength, edge and distinctive beauty of a modern knife blade. 


Over the past decade he has become a student of the masters in pursuit of custom knives with a design, a detailed craftsmanship and a level of artwork that gives it a feeling of something an artisan could envision and craft, but something a man or woman of the world would feel equally comfortable displaying in their office or using without hesitation in the field.  It has been a pleasure and an honor to be able to participate in this journey with him, and to see firsthand the evolution of his work."


Marine First Lieutenant (Retired)


"I am the fortunate recipient of one of Larry Davis’ handcrafted knives; my wife surprised me with it as a birthday gift. She spoke with him about my interests, and Larry was able to create a one-of-a-kind knife perfectly suited to me. I also had the pleasure of working directly with Larry to create the sheath for this knife.

The quality of this piece cannot be overstated. The attention to detail, such as a custom inlay below the fingerguard, is nothing short of remarkable. The antler chosen for the handle sits perfectly into the hand, which is impressive given the discomfort often present in mass-produced stag handled knives. The sheath is superbly fitted to the knife and is adorned with eel skin inlay.

In short, I am nothing but satisfied with my Davis Forged knife. It is both practical and beautiful, a fine balance that Larry successfully accomplishes. It will certainly be passed down through the family!"