Repaying Favors – the Mover

A few years back, when knife making was a simpler task and did not involve forging steel and power hammers, I offered to repay a favor with a stock removal knife, the only method I knew at the time. The favor was picking up and delivering a Bridgeport mill to my knife shop. That was two years ago! In the meantime, the process of building a knife has taken a new twist, or more to the point, a much more involved process of forging, heat treating, and shaping unique blades. And

A Deal on a Knife Making Tool

Working with ball bearing steel will wear out a young arm in no time at all, and I’m not young! Extending the useful life of an “older” arm that seems to relish aches and pains for no apparent reason requires equipment. Sadly, that generally requires money. A power hammer would be my salvation. A couple of evenings on the internet combined with word of mouth references led me to a hammer in Kansas, a 50 pounder. And the price was a couple of thousand less than a fully recondi

Commissioned Knife Trepidation. The Beast

Daman Products Co., Inc. wanted to present their top distributor salesperson with a unique and fitting gift. They commissioned me to built a custom knife which was a great choice since this particular distributor is located in the heart of Texas where hunting and fishing are a way of life. Building unique knives is a kick in its own right, but when the opportunity comes along to build a knife with unique qualities based on the recipient’s input, that is special! In order to m

Knife Making Mistakes are Required

If Jordan is correct, I developed a lot of wisdom over the weekend! Half tang knives require the finger guard to slide over the butt end of the tang and come to rest just before reaching an interference fit at what will be the final resting place for the guard. This requires creating a slot in the guard that is slightly smaller than the area of the knife upon which it will be pressed. I like the guards to be angled to the side view centerline of the knife blade. I think it ad